Our History

Trinity Church of New Lebanon was first firmly established in 1844.  In 2019, we just celebrated 175 YEARS!  Here is a short timeline of our history:
Originally worshiping together with the German Reformed Church of West Alexandria in 1812, by 1841 we received our charter, and by 1844 our reorganization was complete.  We could then officially call ourselves The German Reformed Church of Johnsville.
In 1879, we replaced the original one-story structure with the present-day building that cost a whopping $4,000!  Membership by the 1880 dedication ceremony was 100 persons.
In 1934, the Reformed Church in America and the Evangelical Synods in America united to form the Evangelical and Reformed Church, and in 1942, the name “Trinity” was first officially introduced.  In the early 1950’s, the local charge of which Trinity was a member dissolved, and Trinity became a fully independent church .
Then, in 1957, the Evangelical & Reformed Churches merged with congregational Christian Churches to form the United Church of Christ.  The last major physical addition to the church occurred in 1994 when we broke ground on a major addition on the west side of the property.
Trinity UCC remained our identity until 2020-2021.  On November 8, 2020, the congregation voted to separate from the United Church of Christ to become Trinity Church of New Lebanon — a wholly independent, non-denominational Christian church.


Rev. Thomas H Winters 1844-1849
Rev. John Rike 1849-1854
Rev. Levi Rike 1854-1856
Rev. Adam C. Kendig 1857-1861
Rev. Henry M. Herman 1861-1881
Rev. Joseph G. Shoemaker 1882-1885
Rev. William C.B. Shulenberger 1885-1887
Rev. Harvey L. Hart 1887-1891
Rev. Ruben Keller 1892-1898
Rev. William H. Stubblebine 1899-1901
Rev. John C. Gekeler 1901-1905
Rev. Jonathan W. Miller 1905-1919
Mr. Wey, Mr. S.W. Snyder, Mr. Peeler
Mr. Beers, Student Supply Ministers 1919-1922
Rev. Charles F. Brouse 1922-1928
Rev. Adiel O. Kuck 1928-1938
Rev. Leo A. Keil 1938-1942
Rev. James V. Ingram 1943-1951
Rev. John E. Westermeyer 1951-1954
Dr. O.O. Arnold, Supply Minister 1954
Rev. Charles Sorrell 1954-1965
Rev. M.P. Shoepple, Interim 1964-1965
Rev. Thomas Beard 1965-1966
Rev. Theodore C. Braun 1966-1968
Mr. Gary Roberts, Student 1968-1969
Mr. Philip Cox, Student 1969
Rev. Walter M. O’Dell 1969-1975
Mr. Leonard Ritz, Lay Minister 1975-1976
Mr. Jeffrey Davis, Student/Minister 1976-1978
Rev. James Shapland, Interim Minister 1979
Rev. Raymond W. Stormer, Interim Minister 1980
Rev. Fred Felger 1980-198
Rev. John L. Tipton 1984-1988
Rev. Ray Sturch, Interim 1984
Rev. Daniel Flory, Interim Minister 1988-1989
Rev. Walter M. O’Dell 1989-2000
Rev. Bobbie K. Predmore 2000-2019
Rev. Ronald L. Dafler, Interim Minister 2020-