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Sunday 10:00am

COVID-19 Updates

Trinity Church is OPEN for in-person services!  Masks or face coverings are optional, but we encourage you to take the precautions you feel are necessary to make you feel safe.  We have room to social distance in our sanctuary, so come visit us!
We will update this page as/if the situation changes.  You can check out our Facebook page for updates as well.

Community Relationships

Trinity Church of New Lebanon supports initiatives in communities throughout the New Lebanon and surrounding areas.  Here are some of those organizations.  Check them out…

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1830 W Main St
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26 Dec 2020 – Open Once Again

Starting tomorrow, 27 Dec 2020, we’re once again having in-person church services starting at 10:00am.  COVID-19 protocols are still in place.  See the COVID-19 page for more information.  We can’t wait to see you again!


Christmas Services COVID Updates 2020

COVID-19 has certainly impacted every creature on earth and has impacted nearly every event.  Christmas is no exception.  Here is a status on Christmas activities at Trinity Church:

Christmas Sunday (12/20)

  • Santa will be visiting at approximately 9:30am.
  • Visits with Santa will be socially distanced; masks are required.
  • There will be NO goodies/donuts/coffee/etc. before services.
  • Wo …


New Things Coming

Trinity United Church of Christ is becoming Trinity Church of New Lebanon.  This is an exciting time as we re-define our identity and our mission.  More will be posted on the site and on our Facebook page at


About Us

Trinity Church of New Lebanon is a non-denominational, wholly independent church delivering a traditional message with a mix of traditional and non-traditional methods.

What We Believe

As the name Trinity Church implies, we believe in the Trinitarian name of God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our beliefs are rooted in the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God.  We are rooted in the Protestant reformation, and hold to the common beliefs of the Christian church as expressed in the Apostles’, Nicene Creeds.
As a non-denominational, yet more traditional Christian church, we believe we can offer a unique combination of a traditional Christian message, delivered with both traditional and present-day means.  If you’re looking for tradition, but do not agree with many of the mainline denominations’ beliefs, Trinity Church just might be for you!
You can find out more about our beliefs below in our Mission, Vision & Values…

Our Mission, Vision & Values

After our separation from the UCC in 2021, we re-defined our Mission, Vision and Values.  We believe these newly defined attributes of our church will help us make a positive impact on the community, the region, and even the world.  We believe we can truly bring glory to God!  Find out more HERE.

Our Rich History

Originally established as a German Reformed church in 1844, Trinity Church has a rich history.
We have so much to tell, we give our history its own page.
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