Task Status

Planting - Core

TaskAssigneeStatusLast Update
Constitution & By-LawsCharlieGREENBoth documents complete; Ready for congregational approval 1/17
State IncorporationCharlieGREENPending Constitution Approval; Meeting scheduled for 1/17.
IRS Employer ID Number AssignmentCharliePENDING
EA DecisionKenGREENWaiting on Constitution and By-Laws. Ken has the paperwork. Council approved joining for 1 year, 80 members @ $5 for $400
YELLOWTeam still needs to be formed. Mitzi C and Susan F are onboard. Charlie to reach out to Julie R.
Notification to UCC/SONKAKenPENDINGCharlie to draft initial letter for editing.
Posting Open Minister PositionRonPENDING

Planting - Priority

TaskAssigneeStatusLast Update
Bank AccountsMicheleGREENMeetings with local banks to be scheduled.
Certificates of DepositMichelePENDINGPending bank direction; leaning towards letting CDs mature and then withdraw from Huntington.
State Sales Tax Exemption Form UpdateTBDPENDING
Property InsuranceKathyGREENQuote received from Mennonite Mutual. Looks good so far. Kathy has some follow-ups to ask.
Pension FundMichelePENDINGWe currently don't pay into a pension fund. This is preparing for the next minister; we'll need to figure out what to do with pension payments.
Workers' CompensationMichelePENDINGNeed to update our info at the BWC.
Mission StrategyTBDPENDINGWhat missions do we support, now that we are not going to be paying OCWM / SONKA?
Minister Health Insurance OptionsTBDPENDINGNeed to figure out what we will do with a minister's health insurance benefit (reimburse a private plan?)
Notify & Update VendorsConnie / MultiplePENDINGInfo on file with vendors will need updated.
Record Keeping ProcedureTBDPENDINGWhat to do with old records? What to do with new?

Planting - Support

TaskAssigneeStatusLast Update
OneCall IntroCharlieCOMPLETECompleted 12/18/2020
Outside SignBob / CharlieGREENSent logos to Sign Dynamics; waiting to hear back about possible designs.
Estimate from HRC was $12,000
WebsiteCharlieCOMPLETEOperational; moving to Operations & out of project status.
FacebookCharlieCOMPLETEAll name changes completed by 12/12/2020.
Logo Re-DesignCharlieGREENLogo design is done; need to add more colors and document Font used and font ratios. [Really close on this one...]
Marketing IdeasTBDPENDINGGenerating ways to get the word out about us.
Member Photo DirectoryTBDPENDINGTime for another photo directory?
Logo Decals for back doorCharliePENDINGNeed to research; determine what information is needed.
BulletinsCharlieGREENLooking at creating our own bulletins. Many bulletins already done; need to look at how we can stockpile and make bulletins searchable.
Newletter Header and BrandingConniePENDINGChanging branding on the newsletter we send out.