What you need to know

2021-10-01 UPDATE!
Trinity Church has extended our Diaper Days program through November 2021, at which point we will make a decision about the program’s future.  The last Diaper Day on the schedule is currently set for Sunday, November 14, 2021.
Q: What is Diaper Day?
A: Diaper Day is an opportunity for people in and around the New Lebanon community who are in need, to receive free diapers and wipes.
Q: When is Diaper Day?
A: Diaper Day is currently scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of every month, from Noon to 2:00.
Q: Where is Trinity UCC?
A: 1830 West Main Street, New Lebanon. Parking and building entry are around back, off of Becker St.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Nothing (unless you want to count yourself)!
Q: Who is eligible to receive diapers?
A: The only thing we ask is that you have a child and a need. The child part is self-explanatory. The determination of need is completely up to you. We will not ask for proof or justification.
Q: How many diapers can I get?
A: The supply is meant to augment your diaper needs, not completely replace them. The amount of diapers will depend on size, but our current goal is “somewhere around 2 weeks’ worth”. (Obviously this is different for every child!!)
Q: I don’t like the brand of diapers you are handing out. Can I receive cash instead and go purchase my preferred brand?
A: Sorry, no. No cash will be available to give. We plan to strictly enforce this policy with our volunteers.  We do attempt to have multiple brands available, but brands will certainly vary from month-to-month.
Q: What sizes and quantities are available?
A: We typically have sizes Newborn (N) through Size 7.  We usually have enough stock to last, but as you can imagine, size availability is not guaranteed.  If we are out of the size you need, we’ll work with you to see what we can do about getting you what you need.
Q: Do you have any supplies other than diapers and wipes?
A: Not at this time. If you have suggestions of other supplies needed, let a volunteer know! As we improve our processes, we’d love to be able to add additional products!
Q: I really like what you’re doing! Can I help in any way?
A: If you are interested in helping with (or preparing for) future Diapers Day events, let one of the volunteers know.  You can also message us on our Facebook page!
Q: If I accept diapers from you, do I have to go to church?
A: LOL! Of course not! We’d be happy to have you, of course, but that is certainly not required. We know you might be busy changing diapers at that time!
Q: I want to donate!! How can I do that?
A: Bring your unopened diaper packages and wipes to Trinity Church on Diaper Day! We will gladly accept them. For wipes, we request the packages have the closable/snap-able lid to aid in freshness.  All brands are accepted.